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The City of Ephesus

When we stepped into the city of Ephesus, which I had no idea was located in Turkey, I was instantly impressed. Firstly because of how carefully the Turkish people have committed to caring for the city ruins. Secondly, by the fact that I was able to immerse myself in the city.

History has always piqued my interest. So much so that it was my minor in university. Seeing sites and architecture that are thousands of years old makes me think about the vastness of creation.

I thought how many wonderful philosophers and exciting events must have occurred in the coliseums which bleachers remained intact, or how life must have been experienced by those who lived in the apartment style homes crafted from clay.

Ephesus is a massive city that might take more than three hours to explore if you want to see everything it has to offer. A pair of comfortable walking shoes and a bottle of water are required. Also,  there isn't much to eat near by so, I recommend a hearty breakfast.

To beat some of the heat and crowds Rickey and I went first thing in the morning. We didn't arrange a tour and instead took a cab for about $40 US dollars. We later discovered that they would not advise that, we had no safety concerns and our taxi driver turned tour guide and transported us all around the city. Watch read my next blog to learn about our visit to the Turkish delights store!

Rickey and I arrived in Turkey by cruise ship (find out how our cruise went here). It is easy to make the most of the city in one day if you aren't traveling to the outskirts. We may go back so we can spend more time on the beaches (See more about the beautiful white sand beaches in this here). Overall Turkey was an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend visiting even if only for a day!

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