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A City of Lights! Journey to Johannesburg Pt.2

Updated: Jun 23

When we arrived at the Voco Hotel in Rosebank it was dark and the night around us was lit by the bustling restaurants and roof tops that surrounded the vibrant night life. I don't know what I expected but it wasn't this.

We entered our accommodations after passing through the security gate and approaching the valet. As I exited the car I was a bit on guard because of all the people moving about. We were approached by the hotel bell hop who greeted us with the warmest smile and enthusiasm welcoming us for our stay who offered to take our bags.

The lobby of the hotel seemed to be just as bustling as the streets outside of the hotel. People laughed as they sipped on cocktails at the bar and enjoyed the Proud Mary's cuisine. The check in was standard and required a major credit card as well as our passports.

When we arrived to our room I was delighted by how spacious it was and the note that welcomed us to our stay. We put down or bags and I told Rickey I wanted to head down for dinner.

We decided to stay at the hotel and dine at the Proud Mary restaurant. I could recognize everything on the menu but the preparation was different and of course all the prices were listed in Rands, which is the currency for South Africa. I whipped out my calculator and discovered that we would be able to eat as much as we wanted and only pay a fraction of the cost that we would pay if we were in the states.

After dinner we made our way back up to the room and settled in for the evening. Little did I know the next day I would be introduced to something I had never experienced before. I guess the saying goes, there is a first time for everything.

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