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Kusadasi | Where Sandy Beaches and Ancient History Collide✨🇹🇷

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

✨Kusadasi✨ The Turkish town you never knew you needed to see. (LIKE + SHARE). Kusadasi is where sandy beaches and ancient history collide! The Resorts have beautiful ocean front restaurants placed right in the sand and we got to see one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world, The Temple of Artemis, amongst other amazing sites Including the location where Mary, the mother of Jesus’ home is believed to have been.

✨The weather was beautiful at the end of April and I definitely left sun kissed ☀️😘

(Temple of Artemis)

I was a history minor so being allowed to be so immersed in history was a dream. I also have a great appreciation for their desire to preserve what came before them!

For my travelers that enjoy history Turkey is a great vacation destination! We were able to walk through the city of Ephesus and stand in massive colosseums.

This is the entry to the location of the home of the Virgin Mary. The foundation is original and they built a covering around it to mark and preserve the location.

Imagine walking into an ancient city that dates back thousands of years! They have again built a covering over the city structure for preservation purposes. I was amazed to see the use of marble and tile so long ago.

Tatyana my Turkish Delights tour guide!

Turkish Delights are tiny treats you eat on the go that can be a combination of what seems like basically anything sweet lol. Whether it’s fruits and chocolates or marshmallows and nuts the combinations are endless and can often leave you thinking, ”It was sweet, but what did I just eat?” Haha 😂

Another amazing experience was seeing how rugs are made! when we arrived at the Turkish rug factory we were first shown how they get the silk and string it from the silk moth. What blew me away was the fact that the rug maker is looking at a photo and literally recreating it stich by stitch! I could never, LOL, my hand eye art coordination just would not allow it.

(A rug being hand stitched with a double knot technique).

(How the silk is derived)

Overall my time in Turkey was brief but impactful and I definitely would recommend visiting.

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